Sales Operations

Sales Operations for the Life Science Industry from the people who have lived it!

Sales operations supports a set of business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives. The set of sales operations activities vary from company to company but often include these nine categories:

  • Sales strategy: design, planning, and execution
  • Measurement of results: reporting, analytics, and sales data
    • Managing & maintaining sales operations source files
    • Day to day operations support
    • Ad-hoc reporting, analysis, and requests
    • Ad-hoc business processes
  • Compensation, sales quota, policies
  • Technology & tools, including CRM & SFA
  • Training & sales communication
  • Sales territory design & optimization
  • Contests/spiffs
  • Lead generation/sales programs
  • Customer segmentation

Whether you are looking to outsource your entire sales operations or just a few of the important functions, Bell Canyon Consulting has the life sciences company expertise you need. Bell Canyon can help you build a road map that is right for you and your organization.

Management of people and tasks – We have the expertise to lead and manage your company’s day-to-day sales operations function, facilitate SFA selection and operation, ensure accurate data and reports, and ensure that internal and external relationships align with sales force objectives and drive operational effectiveness. Along with this, Bell Canyon provides strategic and tactical support to your sales management and senior management team on sales force execution.

SFA/CRM system effectiveness – We can lead or facilitate the process of selecting a new system or making the one you have work better. This includes being the visionary and evangelist driving user adoption, value, and ROI as well as the day-to-day user support and system maintenance.

Data collection, management and usage – We have deep experience in leading the on-going efforts to collect, cleanse and consolidate customer master information with all other related enterprise information. Bell Canyon’s sales operations services enable you to drive continuous improvement in all areas of sales data processing to ensure accuracy of sales reporting. You gain timely and accurate data collection, analysis, and dissemination of sales data through the standardization and automation of reports in support of field sales and senior leadership.

External relationships – If you are not asking the right questions from your external vendors, you run the risk of missing something that ultimately results in lost time and money. We have experience working with many common pharmaceutical vendors including specialty distributors, sample management, and coupons/vouchers. We have the experience and know what questions to ask to ensure that we get the information you need to run your operation.

Internal relationships – when you need life sciences business consulting, support, and proactive communication, Bell Canyon’s years of sales operations experience for life sciences companies is demonstrative of effective cross-functional relationships. Let us step in to provide the vital role of working closely with diverse user groups including senior management, sales and business unit management, marketing, finance, operations, IT and legal to deliver timely, accurate and actionable business information.